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Peptide Solid Surface Interface


Arch scientists have developed a group of novel synthetic peptides and peptide conjugates that employ a novel chemistry (non-toxic, and environmentally friendly process) to react with solid surfaces such as metals, and plastics to generate new materials that display new surface properties.

In 2017 Arch Scientists published a paper demonstrating ongoing research with BORG bio-organic peptides.

“Titanium alloys are common materials in the manufacturing of dental and orthopedic implants. Although these materials exhibit excellent biocompatibility, corrosion in response to biological fluids can impact prosthesis performance and longevity. In this work, a PEGylated metal binding peptide (D-K122-4-PEG), derived from bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, was applied on a titanium (Ti) alloy, and the corrosion resistance of the coated alloy specimen was investigated in simulated chloride-containing physiological fluids by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and micro-electrochemical measurements, surface characterization, and biocompatibility testing.”

BORG is not currently undergoing commercial development. Arch has explored developing this technology in two discrete applications areas:
Industrial Applications
  • Reduction of corrosion of metals (both chemical or environmental surface corrosive process and reduction of biofilm or bacterial mediated corrosion process)
Medical and Life Sciences
  • Improve biocompatibility of medical devices (e.g., reduction of protein adsorption and decreased inflammatory responses to implants, and improved implant integration)
  • Inhibit bacterial attachment to surfaces (reduction of foreign body infections, reduction of risk of catheter associated infections, reduction of ventilator associated pneumonia risk in ICU patients) 

Journal of Biomaterials Applications – March 2017

A peptide-based biological coating for enhanced corrosion resistance of titanium alloy biomaterials in chloride-containing fluids
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